A Proper Afternoon Individual Tea Setting ~ 1.24.18

“Afternoon tea was created to foster friendship.  May all of your afternoon’s always be filled with good tea and good friends.” -Ellen Easton https://whatscookingamerica.net/EllenEaston/TeaTravelsIndex.htm Advertisements

Dear Oprah~I miss you – 11/24/17

I miss your “Angel Network” charity, and all the good it did. I miss you inspiring us everyday to be a the best we can be. I miss the movement of “Paying it Forward.” I loved the conversations about women becoming successful & powerful, breaking that glass ceiling. I miss you teaching us about what… Continue reading Dear Oprah~I miss you – 11/24/17

Living Well’s New Year Resolutions ~ 1/13/18

I have always hated new years resolutions.  I have forever said i would lose weight, get healthy, but this year…… I decided to make a resolution that i can actually do, and actually accomplish, through the entire year. 1.  I have decided to buy Hallmark cards for all occasions instead of an ecard, text, email,… Continue reading Living Well’s New Year Resolutions ~ 1/13/18

Art Journaling – part three 1.6.18







Desk cleaning ~ 12/16/17

Have you ever heard of a “desk cleaning” week? I heard about this awhile back.  Ritualism has always been associated with tasks, because we write and we tried to think at our desks. John Edgar Wideman wrote a piece for The New York Times called the language of home. And he wrote the setting is… Continue reading Desk cleaning ~ 12/16/17

Seasonal Rituals ~ 11/9/17

For six months of the year we make a ritual of lighting a fire in the fireplace and sitting around in the evenings and on weekends. We begin our fire ritual on the 1st really cold October day. We have swivel chairs on either side of our fireplace with a reading table in between and… Continue reading Seasonal Rituals ~ 11/9/17