Get Your Hygge On This Autumn — Little House In London

This Autumn, you will mostly find me padding around in fluffy slippers, lighting evocative scented candles, switching on ALL the twinkly fairy lights and generally revelling in the most cosiest of seasons. Last year, I discovered (along with the rest of Instagram) the phenomenon that is Hygge. Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, it’s a Danish and Norwegian word […]

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A Favorite Hygge Quote — MillennialHygge


A daily dose of inspiration is exactly what the doctor ordered today! Quotes are wonderful because they give a greater understanding of different people’s perspectives and they can also put things into perspective. I love this quote because internal happiness is always something to strive for! It will reflect outward from within! Very little is […]

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In Search Of “Hygge” — R. J. Nello


In the context of all of that, naturally I thought of a Danish long-time girlfriend.

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Home: Minimalistic Hygge — Me Exploring

I have started telling the story of us planning to sell our flat. Now let me present the results of our hard work (cleaning, fixing and painting). I especially enjoyed the part of being a stylist :)) I got use for all my Scandinavian inspiration and went for the modern color scheme of light pink […]

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Hygge Lifestyle (simple pleasures and joyful living) — Farmgirl School

As the season begins to change, and the light appears more golden, as do the leaves, I find myself responding as well. A natural response to the cool nights, I suppose. Autumn welcomes in the New Year in many cultures so perhaps that would explain the nesting instinct. My ancestors of old would be busily […]

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All Saints’ Day – the Swedish way  — Watching the Swedes

Dressing up as witches, vampires and other ghoulish things has become increasing popular in Sweden. However, the traditional way of celebrating this time of year is much more serene and romantic. In Sweden, the first Saturday in November is All Saints’ Day – not necessarily November 1st as in most other countries. In 1983, the […]… Continue reading All Saints’ Day – the Swedish way  — Watching the Swedes