Habit trackers

Last year, I went through a season of pursuing rest for my soul but during that season I had just one problem…my to-do list did not stop. While I took a break from blogging, spent extra time at the feet of Jesus and said “no” to commitments that would lead me away from rest, I… via… Continue reading Habit trackers

Getting kids organized ~ 2/26/18

5 Simple Tips For Getting Your Kids Organized  Find A Home Base For Everything! This one is super simple, each thing has a place to call home. If it doesn’t have a home consider donating it. Rotate It Out! I think it’s a great idea to keep things rotated when it comes to kids. My kids had… Continue reading Getting kids organized ~ 2/26/18

Is this your year to park in the garage? Tips to make that happen — Bee Organized with Pamela

Tips to get your garage cleaned out and maybe you can park your car in there. via Is this your year to park in the garage? Tips to make that happen — Bee Organized with Pamela

Magazines galore

Magazines pile up, most of us don’t throw them out until we’ve gone through each one. A soothing ritual is to clip out articles you want to read, or have read and want to save, or cut out pictures that give you ideas. Then store the articles and pictures, and throw away the magazine. Do… Continue reading Magazines galore

Decorative boxes and staying organized ~ 10/21/17

My favorite author, Alexandra Stoddard, writes: A client of mine does all her filing in attractive file and storage boxes that are covered with decorative paper. Inside her file box are pastel folders labeled with her different interests. Her storage boxes are very sturdy, and range in a variety of different sizes. A stack of… Continue reading Decorative boxes and staying organized ~ 10/21/17

Bento – for kids lunches

Pantry Elements Silicone Baking Cups Variety Pack/ Bento Bundle Lunch Box Dividers (18-Pack) I recently bought these.  I’ve seen a few ideas on Pinterest.  Which includes in kids lunches.  Will be using a few tomorrow.  We’ll see.  

Watercolour doodles ~ 10/12/17