Some Quotes on Charity — Padre’s Ramblings

Social concern and giving to those in need are key Christian values. From the very beginning of the church it has been so, “All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to […]

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Organizing/Purging ~ 3/8/18

As a professional organizer, I am constantly going through and getting rid of things. I also group things that are similar together in the rooms in which they work best.    This is especially true of the family’s beloved collections amassed during trips, whether shells in jam jars clustered on shelves or sculptures and pottery… Continue reading Organizing/Purging ~ 3/8/18

Habit trackers

Last year, I went through a season of pursuing rest for my soul but during that season I had just one problem…my to-do list did not stop. While I took a break from blogging, spent extra time at the feet of Jesus and said “no” to commitments that would lead me away from rest, I… via… Continue reading Habit trackers

Getting kids organized ~ 2/26/18

5 Simple Tips For Getting Your Kids Organized  Find A Home Base For Everything! This one is super simple, each thing has a place to call home. If it doesn’t have a home consider donating it. Rotate It Out! I think it’s a great idea to keep things rotated when it comes to kids. My kids had… Continue reading Getting kids organized ~ 2/26/18

Leisure Time as a Ritual ~ 1.31.18

I think of leisure time, intimate time, solitary time as time in which to plant seeds that will grow and flower in unknown, undiscovered parts of my life.  An author writes, “Go into yourself….Dig into yourself for a deep answer.”  “Everything is gestation and then birthing.” Someone recently told me about a course given for… Continue reading Leisure Time as a Ritual ~ 1.31.18

Balance Between Busyness & Solitude ~ 1.28.18

Your private time is one of the most sacred times in your life. For most of us today privacy is not automatic it’s a precious gem that must be guarded. It is important to establish rituals to protect and enhance your privacy and your leisure. Lets talk about daily private rituals that I believe are… Continue reading Balance Between Busyness & Solitude ~ 1.28.18

Embracing Simple ~ 1.25.18

I like this blogger.  Living simple, decluttering, etc.  Take a look.