Backpacks w/built-in ponchos, designed to help the homeless!!

CHICAGO — When we think of backpacks, we think of school kids lugging around books and supplies. But backpacks can be a link to survival for a homeless person. That was the inspiration behind The Citypak Project, a Chicago nonprofit that provides sturdy backpacks with waterproof compartments and built-in ponchos to people in need. “It’s…

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The Art Of The To Do List (Tips + Tricks) — Dreaming of Guatemala

Hello there! 💚 I hope you’re having a great day (: I have been wanting to write this post for months.
I don’t know why I didn’t do it before, and I’m also not sure why it has stuck with me for so long. 😂 Regardless, I went ahead and wrote it now so that […]

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Always Believe in yourself, You Can Do It! ~ 11/6/18

Always Believe in yourself, You Can Do It !!! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step… It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop…  Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall… One has to understand that life is… Continue reading Always Believe in yourself, You Can Do It! ~ 11/6/18


Today I am off to a vintage fashion show in Marietta Georgia. My mother and her friend Donna have been holding these shows for years. I got hooked on them over 10 years ago and I try not to miss them if I can help it. I love almost everything vintage, especially when it comes…


What would You Call a Happy Life? #SaturdayThoughts #Happiness — Daily (w)rite

Happiness is a modern obsession. I’ve come across many articles that define happiness, an insightful Ted talk or two. (Check them out, they’re fascinating.) Personally, I used to think think that happiness depended on where you were born. Your surroundings, the conveniences available to you. It then became a sort of goal, something for me……

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LAGOM – The Swedish Way ~ 10/31/18

Lagom: It’s a simple Swedish philosophy on everyday life that means ‘just the right amount’. An idea that we can strike a healthy balance with the world around us without having to make extreme changes, and without denying ourselves anything.      

Eliminating Unnecessary Desire — Thoughts of Sho

Eliminating Unnecessary Desire: You think everyone would know the difference between what’s right and wrong, but because of “I” engrained conditioned mind patterns, one doesn’t always do what’s right in the sense of what’s beneficial. Every time a need to reach for something outside yourself arises, it’s produced because an agitation from your own mind […]

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