Get Your Hygge On This Autumn — Little House In London

This Autumn, you will mostly find me padding around in fluffy slippers, lighting evocative scented candles, switching on ALL the twinkly fairy lights and generally revelling in the most cosiest of seasons. Last year, I discovered (along with the rest of Instagram) the phenomenon that is Hygge. Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, it’s a Danish and Norwegian word […]

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A Favorite Hygge Quote — MillennialHygge


A daily dose of inspiration is exactly what the doctor ordered today! Quotes are wonderful because they give a greater understanding of different people’s perspectives and they can also put things into perspective. I love this quote because internal happiness is always something to strive for! It will reflect outward from within! Very little is […]

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Some Quotes on Charity — Padre’s Ramblings

Social concern and giving to those in need are key Christian values. From the very beginning of the church it has been so, “All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to […]

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The Bedroom Sanctuary – Part 2 ~ 10/6/18

Create an atmosphere in your private place, an atmosphere with the illusive ingredients of mystery, femininity, dreams, hopes, fantasies and love. While there are recipe books on how to cook, picture books of living rooms that give you ideas about decorating there aren’t very many source guides for bedrooms. Let your 5 senses guide you… Continue reading The Bedroom Sanctuary – Part 2 ~ 10/6/18

Chinese Chippendale Chic — The Well Appointed House Blog: Living the Well Appointed Life

Chinese Chippendale furniture is huge right now and we’re absolutely loving it! From dining chairs to headboards, this style enhances any space with effortless and classic beauty. 47 more words

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Note to the reader ~ 10/2/18

A Note to the Reader Making the things you do everyday as beautiful and pleasurable as possible is a way to live a happy life. Yet many of us don’t seem to do this. In my work in interior design, I’ve noticed that many people have a tendency to save up 95% of their money… Continue reading Note to the reader ~ 10/2/18

Random act of kindness & Pay it forward ~ 10/2/18

Whatever happened to that movement of “random act of kindness?”  What about “pay it forward?”  Wasn’t that Oprah who introduced us to these??  Have you ever seen the movie “Pay it Forward” I believe its called.  It’s a cute movie.     Does anyone do this?  I still do.  At least I try.  Not all the… Continue reading Random act of kindness & Pay it forward ~ 10/2/18