Spring and the Summer — Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

Jim gave me this video as an answer in a talk at his blog. So I answered with this one That means the Spring/Summer song search is on. If you have a Spring or Summer song you like to share. Leave the link in the comments. I bet Leslie have a Spring song. She always […]… Continue reading Spring and the Summer — Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

Colorful flowers ~ 2/27/18

Something a little different while I take a break from watercolors and the garden … Digital art, Ladyflowers design by Cynthia Maniglia via psychedelic ladyflowers — Sand Salt Moon

Bic ~ Metallics

Attention art journaling friends….This is my latest purchase.  I’ve had for a couple months.  So far they are great. Latest purchase…    

Art Journaling – part three 1.6.18







Gorgeous Front Doors…..pics only


front door with yellow lab login_herodoor - orange front door6cb288827c6fc367c5b12fb3494119861ee16db959e629b19f22cfebc5cb1d9ad8086e61e490f932d509cb6c9b7d2d6c