The Little Things . . . | Smithville Lifestyle Photographer — Debra Nancy Photography

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~ Robert Brault As children we are free and completely confident in our thoughts of who we are, we haven’t been influenced yet by life to form opinions of ourselves. If only we could go back to […]… Continue reading The Little Things . . . | Smithville Lifestyle Photographer — Debra Nancy Photography

On the court and between the pages — Oh, Rev/oir!

I have to re-post anything I can find that contains anything that is Alexandra Stoddard. There was a time when I, a racket-swinging free bird, knew all the names of the players in the major tennis tournaments. I experimented with Chris Evert’s two-handed backhand swing (it did not work for me), and groaned over John… Continue reading On the court and between the pages — Oh, Rev/oir!

More Art … Journaling ~ 8/30/17


I’ve neglected my blog. Bad. But I have been more or less obsessed with art journaling. For some reason the little 5×7 #Stalogy 365 Journal is compelling while a 5×7 blank white canvas is terrifying. The journal stimulates my creativity but the canvas obliterates it. So, I’ll go with the flow—with what works or at least what gets me motivated to make marks on a page that turn into something where nothing existed before. I even convinced a good friend of mine in Phoenix to join me in going through a new book, 101 Mixed Media Techniques by a group of mixed media artists. It’s basically a compendium of lots of different techniques grouped into general categories like Art Journaling, Gesso and Mediums, Transferring, etc. We decided to do a chapter a week, picking three techniques in the chapter and producing work that utilizes them. It’s been a lot of…

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More Art … Journaling ~ 8/30/17

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Staying Inspired — Discovering Your Happiness

Below are 12 tips to staying inspired   Drink a glass of water – When you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water to start your day off fresh. Move & Sweat – Daily exercise boosts your energy level, improves your mood & Relieves stress. Get some sleep – When you get… Continue reading Staying Inspired — Discovering Your Happiness

Sprucing up Envelopes ~ 8/28/17

The powerful AND Makes one into two, and plans That change tomorrow. Art Prescription: BUT and AND are in the same family of qualifiers. Listen carefully… Index card with collage, colored pencil, and pen and ink: via Ampersand July 9, 2017 — art prescription