This May Shock You ~ 11.26.18

AS - this may shock you...


You can never love too much…..11.26.18

AS - you can never love too much


Oh so true!!  I often feel like I am too empathetic of people and their problems.  I take things in so deeply, things that are not effecting me or my family, directly.  Recently I was paying close attention to the murder in CO.  The husband that murdered his pregnant wife and two daughters.  I was feeling so bad for the wife’s family, thinking about loosing their daughter, and grandchildren…..gone, just gone.  That void.  Thought about reaching out.  But I have to remind myself that I am just some stranger, and they have friends and family that can look out for them.  Crazy right?

Usually its veterans, and animals that get me the most.  Both groups should never be homeless, or left in the cold.  Never go hungry or lack medical care.  I love reading about people who have land and take in animals that are orphaned, abandoned, abused, or handicapped.  Hero!!  Veterans, who in my opinion have the most difficult jobs, should always have medical care, a home, food on the table, and a pet dog, 🙂  etc.  I have even discussed with my husband (who is an attorney) about starting a non-profit organization.  But……Vets or Pets?  Which way do I go?  I guess I would have to start two non-profits.



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