Rituals are patterns that can stimulate the senses ~ 7/8/17

Rituals are patterns, and as such they can help us have a wider perspective.  So that we enjoy more fully the only real journey of our lives…our day-to-day existence. Being peaceful and happy, specially at home, but also in other places you spend a considerable amount of time, is the goal.  Such as your office… Continue reading Rituals are patterns that can stimulate the senses ~ 7/8/17

A Ritual for tax time ~ 7/6/17

So let me give an example of something I still practice to this day. Spring cleaning time.  Yeah!  I had to purge old tax papers.  It’s a large project being a Realtor/Independent Contractor.  I keep everything, all receipts.  It didn’t help that I hadn’t done this for a few years.  So I always keep the… Continue reading A Ritual for tax time ~ 7/6/17

Making the Small Things Special ~ 6/7/17

Someone once said, “There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and, after that, enjoy it.  Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second. Small personal touches added to the things we do repeatedly create rituals that give these things a special twist.  The rituals can give you… Continue reading Making the Small Things Special ~ 6/7/17

Taking the Ordinary and Making It Special ~ 5/30/17

Thought of an example of this.  When I was in my twenties, we still wrote letters, sent birthday cards to people, etc.  I had a lot of stationary, but all/most of the envelopes were white.  So boring.  I had taken my water colors and painted the envelopes.  I would paint both sides, and write the address and return address with a Flair medium point marker.  I continued to use these envelopes for a few years.  The markers are something I never stopped using.  I like writing differently on each envelope.  I would do calligraphy, loopy letters, or just anything with some flare.  So I took something that was ordinary and I made it special.

A Pleasurable Way to Live ~ 5/30/17

To live a happy life, we need to make the things we do everyday, as beautiful as possible.  To take the ordinary and make it positive and extraordinary. In my work as a Realtor and Staging Professional, I have witnessed the 95 percent/5 percent, dilemma.  Which means people have a tendency to save 95 percent… Continue reading A Pleasurable Way to Live ~ 5/30/17