Living a Beautiful Life ~ 10/9/18 My Favorite Book Advertisements

Dear Hot Mess Mom: To me you are perfect. — WONDEROAK

It’s tempting to pretend that there aren’t ritz crackers hidden deep inside my shag carpet, along with some other things I probably don’t want to know about. It’s tempting to pretend my four-year-old doesn’t rock the same “favorite” dress three days in a row, and that I don’t currently smell like men’s Old Spice deodorant. […]… Continue reading Dear Hot Mess Mom: To me you are perfect. — WONDEROAK

Spring and the Summer — Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

Jim gave me this video as an answer in a talk at his blog. So I answered with this one That means the Spring/Summer song search is on. If you have a Spring or Summer song you like to share. Leave the link in the comments. I bet Leslie have a Spring song. She always […]… Continue reading Spring and the Summer — Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

Organizing/Purging ~ 3/8/18

As a professional organizer, I am constantly going through and getting rid of things. I also group things that are similar together in the rooms in which they work best.    This is especially true of the family’s beloved collections amassed during trips, whether shells in jam jars clustered on shelves or sculptures and pottery… Continue reading Organizing/Purging ~ 3/8/18

Silver Lining….Optimist vs. Pessimist ~ 3/2/18

Finding the silver lining in difficult times can be tough, but the effort may improve your overall health, according to two new studies.    A pessimistic attitude, Finnish reasearchers report, is a strong independent risk factor for death from coronary heart disease   The study published in BMC Public Health assessed the impact of attitude… Continue reading Silver Lining….Optimist vs. Pessimist ~ 3/2/18

Feeling noticed ~ 2/27/18

If we were having coffee, what would I want us to talk about? Good question, huh. I’ve been catching up on some WordPress “helps” and this was a suggestion as a possible blog. I don’t often use prompts, but I like this one so I thought I would give it a try. I find it […]… Continue reading Feeling noticed ~ 2/27/18

Habit trackers

Last year, I went through a season of pursuing rest for my soul but during that season I had just one problem…my to-do list did not stop. While I took a break from blogging, spent extra time at the feet of Jesus and said “no” to commitments that would lead me away from rest, I… via… Continue reading Habit trackers