Colorful flowers ~ 2/27/18

Something a little different while I take a break from watercolors and the garden … Digital art, Ladyflowers design by Cynthia Maniglia via psychedelic ladyflowers — Sand Salt Moon Advertisements

Childrens art wall

A nursery should be adorned with colorful artwork. It instantly brightens up the walls, adding charm and warmth, and also serves as an early visual stimulant for newborns and children. Oftentimes wall art is even passed down for generations, becoming a cherished family heirloom. Unsure of what to get for an expecting mom? A unique… via… Continue reading Childrens art wall

More faith junk journal…

I finally finished this junk journal and sewed in the signatures. Love packing it full of so many different types of pages from Bibles, notebooks, colouring books, scrapbook paper, and other papers. I also love including illustrations from children’s Bibles. There’s also Christian music paper, quotes, prayers, and prompt pages. Here’s a look at some […]… Continue reading More faith junk journal…

Bracelets, my guilty pleasure~2.4.18

    I started making beaded bracelets about 5 years ago.  I love finding unique beads from all around the world.  I love designing them, creating different looks, the act of putting the bracelet together.  This is a great stress reliever for me.  I haven’t always been creative.  I’m learning that attempting to being creative… Continue reading Bracelets, my guilty pleasure~2.4.18

Bic ~ Metallics

Attention art journaling friends….This is my latest purchase.  I’ve had for a couple months.  So far they are great. Latest purchase…    

Art Journaling – part three 1.6.18