What would You Call a Happy Life? #SaturdayThoughts #Happiness — Daily (w)rite

Happiness is a modern obsession. I’ve come across many articles that define happiness, an insightful Ted talk or two. (Check them out, they’re fascinating.) Personally, I used to think think that happiness depended on where you were born. Your surroundings, the conveniences available to you. It then became a sort of goal, something for me……

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Prayer….A Lost Art by Eva ~ 10/25/18

Whether you are doing it consciously or unconsciously, you are praying every moment of every day. How is it possible? A Course in Miracles defines a prayer as a means of communication of the created with the Creator. There are as many ways to pray as there are human beings who “do the praying”. A… Continue reading Prayer….A Lost Art by Eva ~ 10/25/18

Love Who You Are Becoming — Thought Catalog

Right now I am asking you to take a breath. Just one, simple, deep breath. Breathe in, then out. Okay. Here we go. Picture who you were. Four years ago maybe. How different you looked. How you felt. Where you were in your life. What has changed? What has stayed the same? Were you happy?…

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Finding Your (Physical) Happy Place — The Lone Cactus

Meditation guides and yoga instructors often tell us to picture our ‘happy place’ as a way to relax and centre ourselves. These virtual worlds are usually sunny, near a flowing stream, with birds chirping in the background. I must be honest, when told to pick a virtual happy place I almost always use the guide’s […]

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The Value in Keeping a Journal — ABC’s Ministries

Written by Pamela K. Orgeron, M.A., Ed.S., BCCC, ACLC, Author Do you remember your first journal, or diary? Some of you may still have yours. Unfortunately, I don’t have mine. I remember growing up when several of my girlfriends at school were talking about having diaries. Of course, I wanted to get on the bandwagon […]

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Bedroom – Making it your Own 10/20/18

Someone I know is only happy living in a white house, and he always paints the ceiling of his bedroom a perfect sky blue.  He said he enjoys being in bed and looking up.  The blue ceiling reminds him of when he was young and lying in a haystack on his family’s ranch in Texas… Continue reading Bedroom – Making it your Own 10/20/18

Solitude Ritual of Gardening – 10/14/18

The Healing Power of Gardening Living a Beautiful Life – 1986 Written by: Alexandra Stoddard Alexandra writes: I have a friend whose solitude ritual is gardening.  At the end of each day he waters and pulls weeds or plants seeds and bulbs as the season dictates. This makes him feel refreshed when he goes indoors showers… Continue reading Solitude Ritual of Gardening – 10/14/18