About Jill

My name is Jill.  I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker since 2002, I’m a mom of a blended family.  I have 2 step-sons,  a daughter from my previous life and we have one together.  His, mine and ours.  🙂  So yes!!……that’s four kids.  I wasn’t built for this family dynamic but I’m finding my way.  In our family of six, three have ADHD/ADD.  And we are having another one tested.  I am mentioning all this so you will really understand why my family, needs order in our lives.  Routines or “RITUALS” are extremely important to ADHD families.  From how ADHD & ADD has been described to me is that it’s a deficit in planning and organizing.  One of my gifts is that I have always been highly organized in my pre-family personal life and also in my professional career.  I have spent years drowning in this disability within my family and I’ve had it.  I am taking back my organizer hat and pushing forward.   So…routines, order, RITUALS, organization, and planning are all very important to me.  I will always be a student of learning to live a beautiful life.  Order, order, and more order!!

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