Bedroom – Making it your Own 10/20/18

Someone I know is only happy living in a white house, and he always paints the ceiling of his bedroom a perfect sky blue.  He said he enjoys being in bed and looking up.  The blue ceiling reminds him of when he was young and lying in a haystack on his family’s ranch in Texas on a crystal-clear summers day.  He said his brain and heart would make the connection of his first memories as a child, when he would look up at his ceiling.  He calls his white house with the bedroom with a sky blue ceiling, the happiest house  in America.




How about a women who feels happy just looking at pastel ribbons tied around her chair cushions, because they trigger vivid memories of when her college aged daughter was 4 years old, wearing the same ribbons in her hair.

Another women cut out smocking from one of her daughters pink baby dresses, and made a pillow.  She holds this pillow and thinks about her daughter when she a baby.

As for myself, I have saved a few of my daughters clothing and will one day make something.  I even saved a t-shirt she loved and wore all the time.  I have so many pictures of her wearing this same shirt.  I placed it in a frame and its hanging in her bedroom for now.  As she grows up and wants to replace that pic, I will keep it for myself.

The mood you create in your bedroom holds great power of association, it can become a self-portrait of your past, your present-who you are now.  It can give you a taste and vision of the personal journey that lies ahead.


Alexandra Stoddard
LBL – 1986
pg 101-102



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