The Bedroom Sanctuary – Part 2 ~ 10/6/18


Create an atmosphere in your private place, an atmosphere with the illusive ingredients of mystery, femininity, dreams, hopes, fantasies and love. While there are recipe books on how to cook, picture books of living rooms that give you ideas about decorating there aren’t very many source guides for bedrooms.


Let your 5 senses guide you in setting up your bedroom the soft feel of cotton sheets, the scent of flowers, bayberry and cypress-scented candles. Have lots of fresh down pillows in various sizes and shapes, and collect pretty pillow shams. Vary your sheets and pillowcases each week. Some pillowcases have a different design on each side, which adds variety. Select a mohair or fringed wool tartan blanket to curl up in and have a brief nap or to pull over you while you sit and read.

master bedroom

One way to think of your bedroom is as a special secret place in your life, almost as though you have to travel to get there. Once you’ve arrived, you’re alone and calm, and you can shed your cares shed your cares and your clothes.  Look around, imagine and describe what you would envision there.  In what places have you been especially content?  Where have you found great happiness?  Envision a garden, they beach, a mountain top, a forest of white birch trees, a path in the woods with a brook alongside. What would be an ideal setting for you, if you knew you would spend half your life there?  If you were to be sick, with atmosphere would promote a speedy recovery? Then think about how to create that atmosphere.

Sometimes looking to the past helps.  Conjure up images of beauty from your memory and then physically and symbolically go about bringing the elements together in the space you’ve set aside for your bedroom.



Living a Beautiful Life by Alexandra Stoddard



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