Scheduling Time Alone~2.4.18

 Learn to be on unavailable and to feel comfortable about it.  Being persuaded to squeeze in one last thing or being talked into doing something you don’t really want to do when you had planned a drive to a deserted piece of property where you could have a long walk alone will only tend to frustrate you.  Make appointments with yourself and be unreachable until 2:00 p.m. or after dinner or however you’ve arranged your particular day.  Ink in your “free” time with your own initials in your planner.  The reason busy women need to be told how to have quality time alone is often because their company, both professionally and personally,  is highly sought after.

Learn how to say “no” without going into fictitious details.  Say no, you can’t, you’re sorry, you’re busy that night.  It’s true you’re busy with yourself.

 Good jobs are so much fun that you work faster and better and things run more smoothly.  It’s the bad ones that seem to take too much time.  I’ve learned to say no to new clients unless I am really going to be challenged and excited about the job.  The way I say no is to tell the client that I am busy for the next 6 months.  No one is willing to wait 6 months.  And by saying no to the wrong jobs the perfect job always comes along.  Saying no actually prepares you somehow for something exciting on the horizon.  I’ve learned to trust that.  And the job that doesn’t excite me might excite someone else, it might be perfect for another person.

If I am dragging my heels about something, my energy and time are sapped.  I’m not at my best with people and situations that don’t feel 100% comfortable.  Saying yes to one more ho-hum job or story or book or dinner party robs you of time alone, you’ve given in to losing a jem.  Ask yourself who is more important, you are saying “yes” to something you don’t have your heart in.  Learn to let your intuition guide you and don’t get distracted so you’re blown off course.  But if you are, learn from it and apply your new lesson to the next time.
Pg 94-95

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