Living Well’s New Year Resolutions ~ 1/13/18

I have always hated new years resolutions.  I have forever said i would lose weight, get healthy, but this year……

I decided to make a resolution that i can actually do, and actually accomplish, through the entire year.

1.  I have decided to buy Hallmark cards for all occasions instead of an ecard, text, email, IM, etc.  Yes, an actual card, and send them all year.  I believe this is a niceity that we need to get back to.  I have already sent out 4 birthday cards this month.  Three went to my sister-in-law who turned 50 yesterday.  The other one was to my Aunt Jan on January 2nd.  Wow that felt good.  Next is a friend from high school, Jan 23rd.  I already bought the card.

In February i plan on sending all my single and/or divorced friends, Valentine’s Day cards.  I use to do this years and years ago.

March will be the biggest month for my family and friends.  Too many to list, but off the top of my head for bdays, at least 5 family members, and at least 4 friends.  This is also giving me a chance to re-connect with a lot of people.  Update my rolodex,…(in other words, my contacts).  When Christmas of 2018 comes along i will be all set to send out Christmas cards.

If i hear about a death, no email, i will send a sympathy card.  I am also going to send out thank you notes to recognize a good deed, friend cards, thinking of you cards, etc.

Even my Aunt Carol who has her bday on Dec. 25th.  She has never received a bday card from me in my adult life.  Its always been a xmas card and i would write in the card…happy birthday !!

Here we go!!



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