Dear Oprah~I miss you – 11/24/17

I miss your “Angel Network” charity, and all the good it did.

I miss you inspiring us everyday to be a the best we can be.

I miss the movement of “Paying it Forward.”

I loved the conversations about women becoming successful & powerful, breaking that glass ceiling.

I miss you teaching us about what its like to be a women in other countries.  How lucky we are to live in the U.S.

I miss you introducing us to such fabulous people…Dr. Phil, Dr Oz, Sue Orman, Maya Angelou, Eckhart Tolle, to name a few.

I miss the “Oprah Book Club.”

I miss you talking about sensitive subjects.  Abuse, rape, poop, etc.

My 10 year old daughter Jordan, named after Michael Jordan, was growing up in a world not hearing too much about you.  So I’ve been discussing you more and more, so she will know you.  There is so much bad in the world, we could really use you back Mon. thru Fri.



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