Desk cleaning ~ 12/16/17

Have you ever heard of a “desk cleaning” week? I heard about this awhile back.  Ritualism has always been associated with tasks, because we write and we tried to think at our desks. John Edgar Wideman wrote a piece for The New York Times called the language of home. And he wrote the setting is crucial. Like most writers, I observe rituals. A meticulously arranged scenario, certain pens, paper, a time of day, and alignment of furniture, particular clothing, coffee cooled to a precise temperature the variations are infinite karma but each writer knows his or her version of a preparatory ritual must be exactly duplicated if writing is to begin, and prosper. Repetition dignifies these rituals.
Begin your desk cleaning ritual by clearing everything off the top of your desk. I do this about every other week. Put all your things on trays out of the way. Wax in Polish your desk surface. 1 by 1 clean and Polish the items you put back on your desktop. Try to put back half of what you took off. Remove each store empty it into a large tray and wipe out the inside of the drawer. Often you will find treasures hidden behind the door, so use a flashlight and inspect. A clean slate And your desk can give you the energy to tackle more work more happily.
Intellectual work requires patience. Balancing vental effort with physical exertion is soothing, it releases stress and tension period of all the necessary tasks to be done at home, polishing, because of my impatient nature color is my favorite and it has become a sustaining ritual for me.

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