Serving Drinks ~ 12/5/17

People often have strong feelings about the glasses in which they are served drinks….the right glass can enhance pleasure. 
Some people prefer heavy cut crystal glasses, others like thin light ones. I prefer a variety so I can match the glass to the mood and the beverage. When selecting glasses, please yourselve.  Don’t worry what kind it is….if you buy some tulip wine glasses you can put ginger ale in them or champagne. By a pleasing shape. Feel the lip of the glass with your fingers,  it should be smooth and not thick. If a glass feels good in your hand, looks attractive and you can afford it, buy it. Pottery barn is an excellent source of practical everyday glasses.   
A picture full of iced tea kept in the refrigerator is handy and refreshing throughout the summer. Offering a cool drink is a gracious act. 


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