Lunch Rituals ~ 12/5/17

Lunch is an important ritual.  Whether you setup a tray and go alone to a quiet place or lunch with friends or family,  it is an opportunity  to nourish the mind and body.  The essential discipline is to break for lunch – have lunch – a complete respite from work and busy activities.  Also, I make it a rule not to eat lunch when I’m nervous or in a tense atmosphere, it’s not healthy, and you’ll tend to eat twice as much, and too fast.
I think skipping lunch is a mistake.  Lunch is one of the three eating rituals designed to calm us down, give us pleasure and allow us time to take a breath and gather some perspective on ourselves and the world.  Twenty minutes after a light lunch our spirit is improved and we’re ready to attack life again.
If you have a sandwich lunch, don’t eat at your desk, where the phone can interrupt you.  In sight….then on duty.  Be off duty for a brief time.  Find a small park or terrace, but do go to a special place for lunch no matter how modest your fare is.  When we reprieve ourselves of this necessary tension-breaking ritual too often, our health will pay too big a price.
Pages 77-78

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