Breakfast Rituals – 12.5.17

The breakfast table is home base and gives each new day a fresh start. We are told that breakfast is the most important meal. Our stomachs are empty we have a day ahead of us and we need energy.  A beautiful breakfast sorts the day off right. Go out of your way to try to make it an especially attractive meal. 

Setting a pretty breakfast table sends out good signals, a classic example of action speaking louder than words. There is at least a moment to pause and be together before we all have to get moving to go to school or the office. 
Breakfast is a good time to enjoy being alive, to feel the magic of a new day.  Even if breakfast is simply coffee and juice, it can be elegantly served and special.
Alexandra Stoddard wrote this:
“There is an inn in the South of France, where we have gone for rest and beauty.  Breakfast is served in the garden on tables covered with fresh pink tablecloths, and we are given huge pink cotton napkins even though all we are having is coffee and juice.  But the coffee is served in an enormous bone china cups and saucers, and the fresh orange juice is squeezed into slender, sparkling cut-crystal glasses.  I leave the garden satisfied, and realize that the soothing and restorative breakfast ritual launches me happily into the start of a new day.”
Pages 76-77

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