Seasonal Eating ~ Nov. 19, 2017

Good eating is a philosophy. There is a French lady who states, “I am the keeper of my sacred body. I guard carefully everything I put in my mouth.” She eats entirely by the seasons.

Certain foods should be eaten at certain times of the year. Nothing is more disappointing than a tasteless plastic tomato in December. The best way to select fresh ingredients at the best price with the most flavor is to follow the seasons. In early Spring asparagus comes on the market and by June and July there are melons and berries. Corn in July. We often go to a local restaurant that has tomatoes and  basil on the menu all summer, yet only serves this dish when the tomatoes are perfect.

There is one satisfying way to live well and pay less: consume less. I think there’s a trend in America to buy too much, cook too much, eat too much and read too many cookbooks. This excess costs money, takes time, makes waste and clutter. Depending on availability, it is always best to buy a few seasonal items and serve them in a loving way.  The best from the market, the catch of the day, is always good and you don’t need to thumb through six cookbooks to discover how to prepare it.

Alexandra Stoddard writes about a memory:  I remember my mother always had a meal of corn on the cob, tomatoes and watermelon in the summer when all three were in season: the three were also in perfect harmony.  I’m proud to say I grew these natural wonders in my own garden when I was seven.  All these years and thousands of meals later, I remember the corn, tomatoes and watermelon!
Pages 67-68

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