Rituals for the Kitchen ~ 11/17/17

The old adage says you are what you eat. I think there’s truth in this.  When we eat properly, we feel better. Our physical and mental health improves when meals are presented in a way that encourages us to relax.
The way you create eating rituals will influence your “wellness.” Most of us know that the importance of taking time, of slowing down occasionly during the day, to relax. One’s eating rituals can keep an active, full life in balance.
The kitchen is often the heart beat of a home.  It’s palpitations should whet your appetite for life. Good smells from the kitchen give homelike comfort to adjoining rooms. A house only becomes a home when good smells come from the kitchen.  In cold weather, simmer apple cider, cinnamon, cloves and tangerines to make your house smell cozy.
Many of us are drawn to our kitchens like birds to their nests.
Using a gleaming copper kettle to heat up water to pour over freshly ground coffee beans for morning coffee is an opportunity to please your senses of sight, smell, touch and delight. Home is where we go to be most ourselves, most fully in tune, it’s not a place where one should turn off the senses but rather when one should turn them on. Everything counts, because we are so open to influence. By concentrating on the esthetic elements of your kitchen with the same focus you bring to the practical, you will create a sense of wholeness, and of the personal. Like all other rooms, kitchens should reflect your personality and your love of life.
Samuel Johnson said, “….little things mean everything….”  Perhaps this is elementary, for even Sherlock Holmes observed,  “it has been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important. So the kitchen is our message center; we have a rack there on which to put all messages, and everyone in the family knows where to look for information.
Three basic elements in interior design that bring atmosphere and charm into your kitchen are:  Keep it simple; make it appropriate; make it beautiful. It sounds so easy – simple, appropriate and beautiful – yet you need to be watchful to accomplish it.
One of the best ways to make your kitchen more human is to grow plants there. If you have the space for it, build a ledge under your kitchen window. A ledge that can hold geraniums, parts of herbs. If you’re window.  If your window opens inward, make the ledge low enough so the window doesn’t interfere with your indoor garden. A ledge under the window is also ideal for ripening fruits and vegetables.
The telephone is off limits during meals. Everyone must have their phones turned off or the ringers down during family meal time, no exceptions.
An oversized clock in the kitchen is nice, it can be seen from anywhere, whether you are baking or watching a soufile, or checking to be sure your child leaves for school on time.
Feature Picture from pinterest.com 
Words of “ritual” advice compliments of Alexandra Stoddard
Pages 55-63


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