Family Celebrations ~

 Family gatherings are often designed around a special event, a birth or death, a birthday or an anniversary. And sometimes there’s an urge to incorporate into these occasions many of the same rituals our parents and even grandparents enacted. The carving of the roast, the ritual of grace or hands round the table with each person squeezing the hand of the next person, the ritual of decorations, who gets the 1st piece of cake, who makes a wish, a toast, who sings the song. These gatherings can’t happen every day, yet we treasure such moments as truly special events which make up the 5% of our lives I mentioned earlier. While you can’t save living just for these moments alone, when they do happen the rest of your life is touched.
There is nothing unique about families getting together to eat, drink, laugh and cry. But what is unique is how they celebrate. Naturally you will be largely influenced by the way you were brought up and you will have specific traditions you will want to perpetuate. But you can also make such events and rituals uniquely your own. You will dream up ways to bring happiness to those you love as an extension of your own dreams.

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