Blessings, Rituals, and Grace Notes~

One of the great blessings of seasons is change, and after a cold, damp, dark winter, spring seems a magical gift, and it is worthy of celebration. It symbolizes new birth and renewal. And so for the 1st day of spring seems to me a great excuse to give a party.
You’re everyday rituals will satisfy your human need for creature comforts, visual pleasure and mental stimulation, but there will still be times when your spirit legs, when you feel bogged down, when problems seem overwhelming. Usually this occurs in the darkness of the winter solstice.
Grace notes:
●  Do it now
●  Treat yourself to a massage. It can be equivalent 2 a long nap, in terms of refreshment, it not only gives you energy, it calms your nerves, releases stress and makes you glow with a feeling of well-being.
●  Line your drawers with scented paper liners, to bring your garden inside.
●  Buy multicolored paper clips and color coordinate them to what you’re clipping.  If you find solid-colored paper clips, buy 3 favorite colors and mix them together.
●  Buy pastel painted paper cutting scissors in pink, mint and periwinkle-blue to have on hand, by your bed, at your desk, in the kitchen and at the wrapping area to inspire you to cut out an article,wrap a present or cut out pictures from magazines before throwing them out.
●  Have your favorite book bound in leather.
●  Find the kind of fountain pen you like best.  A fountain pen makes the process of writing pure pleasure. When at your desk use an inkwell and when traveling use cartridges. Collect different colors of ink to be used as your mood dictates.
●  Buy your clothes staples, such as stockings, underwear twice a year to avoid wasting time.  When you find the right kind, invest.
●  Use an attractive letter opener.  It helps to make mail opening into a pleasant ritual.  Be sure you have a wastebasket next to you!  I use natural wicker baskets.
●  Place white birch logs in your fireplace during the months of the year when you don’t light fires.  In summer, keep a wicker basket there, filled to the brim with field flowers.

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