Weekly Rituals:

500 ways to add elegance, order, beauty and joy To every day of your life.

To my mother, who really believed beauty is truth, truth beauty, and lived her belief every day


FLOWERS ●  Flowers nourish a home.

Buying, arranging and tending flowers is a ritual that enhances our lives.

Part of my daily puttering ritual is to renew the water in vases, pinch off spent  blossoms and cut down the stems, sometimes necessitating changing the vase to a smaller size. I enjoy rearranging bòuquets and then placing them in new locations around the house.  I’m not the only family member who in enjoys tending flowers,  and this can be shared time.  Just as I need to make arrangements for marketing each week, flower-buying is a ritual I look forward to. I do it every Friday on my way home from the office.

CLEANING ● A friend once turn me down for dinner because she said she had to stay home and do the laundry.  Things like laundry should not get in the way of what could be a special time.  Do it while you’re tidying things, as part of keeping up with each day, so you don’t feel bogged down. By making the laundry a cheerful ritual, you’re free to go out to dinner.  Try to incorporate washing and ironing into the work week, so you don’t give over an entire day to do it.

There is one time in the week when many of us seem to have the inclination to take a nap, and that’s Sunday afternoon for me.  I put a quilt or a throw over me and begin by propping myself up against several pillows, then i read magazines.  My mind drifts and i doze.  Something like this is special because you don’t do it every day, it’s a weekend ritual.

Sunday night is the last opportunity to be together as a family before everyone goes off in independent directions for the new week…work, school, sports and meetings. Making a special event of Sunday night supper can contribute to a sense of continuity, of staying caught up with one another.


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