Monthly Rituals~

MONTHLY RITUALS ● Life involves an accumulation of waste and clutter, we must clean out the excess baggage in our lives on a rational and regular basis.
We’ve all had moments when we’ve wished for rainy days in our lives, so that we could have time to put everything in order. Thank heavens, we’ll never literally have enough rainy days, so we have to set aside blocks of time to do serious ordering of things, filing, cleaning closets and drawers, evening sorting out the toolbox. There comes a time when you must take action, make a ceremony out of serious straightening up. Plan for it.
At our office, once a month, we have one day with no outside appointments and we attack our files, clean up all the clutter and create order. It’s a necessary ritual that brings enormous rewards. We play music which soothes us.
At home I make this kind of attack on one area or another of our home at least once a week, a few hours of chaos and suddenly you feel exhilarated, just from throwing out. You find things you thought were lost forever. You make new discoveries. A regular, serious attack on mess and unnecessary clutter, performed with a glad heart, makes you feel in control of all the parts of your life you care about.

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