Recycling books~

Because my daily work schedule is packed full of appointments it takes me my tidying-up ritual, my puttering ritual, my letter writing ritual and usually a good hot bath and time to write in my diary before I can settle down, sit still and read for any length of time period during the week I read books in the evening. I have a menu of reading with enough variety to ensure there is always something new to work on. I have made it a habit never to let a day go by without reading a book for at least twenty minutes. Twenty minutes a day of pleasure and stimulation which add up to several hours a week I’m always amazed at how much I don’t know and how exciting it is to put missing links of information together.
This past year a friend of mine gave away half her books. She simply couldn’t rationalize building more bookcases to house books she’d never read again!  She got her moving company to deliver book boxes and she and her husband went through the books shelf by shelf, ritualistically, looking at each book and placing it in a book carton if she felt the book had served its purpose in their home. Cartons were filled for each of her children, carefully labeled and stored in the attic.
Shondra is an avid reader who finds it refreshing to move her books around on tables and bookshelves, exposing fresh titles and offering new visual treats. She rearranges her books once a month and claims she and her family are stimulated to pick up new books because different ones are lying around. Change the books in your bedroom and bathroom from time to time.  Many have pretty jackets and add color and texture to a room and can be powerful symbols that inspire you to think about new things.

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