Reading should be a ritual~

Reading is a habit; I think it should be a daily ritual, like brushing your teeth. Magazines and newspapers tend to get looked at because they are current.  But we need to make time for books!!
Reading can be like a little vacation, a regular mind expanding experience that adds up to a lifetime of enrichment.  Give yourself a regular time each day or each week to read. Many of us read a great deal in our work and want to find escape in our leisure reading.  Or, we read to learn. I read for the pleasure of learning, of thinking about fresh things. I am never without a stack of books waiting to be read. I put the most important ones on the top of the pile and by shuffling through them I find the ones that are most important to me, the less important books always wind up at the bottom. I keep a running reading list and whenever a friend recommends a book, I jot it down, then check off the books as I purchased them. There is nothing scientific about it but I’m never at a loss when in a bookstore, making it a constant ritual to write down the names of books I want to read spurs me onto read them.

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