Daily jounaling….and the positives~

People who keep a daily journal do it for diverse and private reasons. Just as it is possible to gain more control over your life by developing meaningful rituals, so, too color keeping a regular diary helps you know more clearly what your thoughts and feelings are calmer because you’ve written them down, have put them into words. You learn by recording your thoughts and pleasures. A diary helps build-up the muscles of your personality. For the modest amount of time and discipline it takes to keep a diary, the rewards are tremendous. In truth color those of us who keep diaries cannot stop. Once I’m in the flow I must keep up like breathing out and breathing in, writing in my diary is a daily ritual. It helps me keep track of myself and my life, and thereby to live more deeply and fully.
Two things help in keeping a journal. First, choose a type of notebook or blank book that pleases you.  Second, set aside a time each day when you can settle down and write in it.
The size, cover, smell of the notebook, as well as the color of the paper and its smoothness, these details matter. The more pleasing they are to you, the more likely it is that you will stick to the journal ritual color and enjoy it. Each person has to feel his or her own way at first, and then a system will eventually establish itself. Once you find a type of note book you feel comfortable with, stock up on them choosing the right journal just for you is the important 1st step.
After you have your blank book, pick a good time of day to write in it. I tend to write my diary in the evening after I’ve experienced the day.  I can even write on a bus or plane once you have the habit you can do it anywhere at first, though I needed a ritual place and time to be alone to write. Be alone if you can, because it will make you less inhibited and more able to relax totally, to daydream and fantasize and to hear what your subconscious might have to say?

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