Coming home and shutting the door…

Coming home and shutting the door on the outside world is an experience I look forward to, and I like to celebrate with something refreshing.  Having a soft drink, fresh squeezed juice, or a cup of tea or coffee as I prepare for the rituals that will follow, both symbolizes coming home and uplifts me.  And while I prepare my refreshment, I anticipate having it in a favorite glass, cup and saucer or mug in my own place.  We remind ourselves, as we pause, that being home is a real treat.

In the Winter I make up a cup of chicken broth, or hot chocolate.  Summer’s choice would be grapefruit juice and ice crushed in a blender, the taste is particularly refreshing.  I pour into a huge blue glass and sip it through a silver iced tea sipper I inherited from my mother.  The gesture is small, yet has a powerful effect on the senses.  Offer yourself attractively presented tonics when you come home, just the way you would if a friend were with you.  Treat yourself to a brief pause for pleasure and renewal.

The next time you make yourself a welcome home refreshment consciously add an extra touch of flair or color to your glass.  Garnish clear broth with a sprig of parsley, add a dash of mint or orange slice to drink.  Experimenting with these touches will not only give you a lift, they’ll help you calm down and take a minute to enjoy a few special moments at home before you get going again.


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