Magazines galore

Magazines pile up, most of us don’t throw them out until we’ve gone through each one. A soothing ritual is to clip out articles you want to read, or have read and want to save, or cut out pictures that give you ideas. Then store the articles and pictures, and throw away the magazine. Do this once a month at least. I suggest having two storage boxes, one for articles and the other for pictures and ideas. Then, when you have some time, you can pick up a box you know is full of things you want to read. And the fatigue generated by having a lot of magazines around is eliminated.

If there are magazines you want to save such as art periodicals, use paper clips or ribbons to mark articles of special interests. Magazines can become useful reference tools, whether through articles you clip out or issues you mark and keep intact.

Make a ritual of clipping things of special beauty from magazines, and old notebook can be made beautiful by pasting a garden scene on the cover. I keep a pair of scissors handy in my “visual box” for when I want to cut out pictures. Such a box not only can bring great pleasure through its beauty, it can also bring the pleasure of a happy ritual. I refer to it often to add fresh ideas to my home rituals.


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