Color coding your life

Someone I know, who is a wife and mother, uses color coding for the different parts of her life keeps her from feeling things are out of control. She uses colored legal size pendaflex and file folder for her work. Yellow holds her household information, red is for family, green is for personal files. This friend also color codes her contacts, so she can quickly find someone’s info listed on a certain color card, and not have to flip through all the numbers.

Post-it notes, come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They are so handy once you’ve started a color-coded system, and their enormous fun to use. You can stick them on anything at whim and remove them without leaving a mark.

Alexandra Stoddard writes that in her office they keep a different colored folder for each day, Monday through Friday. These folders are ideal for catching mail and all the accumulation of the days paperwork. The change of colors helps them feel current. Something that isn’t accomplished in the Monday pink folder gets put into the blue Tuesday one.

A client friend of mine does all her filing in attractive file and storage boxes that are covered in decorative paper. Her storage boxes are very sturdy, and has a wide range of colors.


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