Color, Color, and More Color….Home~

Why can’t your sewing basket be a treasure trove of car for buttons and thread that gratifies the senses a basket lined in a provided soul of French cotton print or a charming Laura Ashley calico? Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to suddenly Sunny place and so on a loose button if you had a wonderfully sensuous sewing basket? Throw in a lavender says shea and Dray dream about province sent conveys an exquisite spirit of place.
I add a hidden dimension of color wherever I can find the slightest excuse – the colors of the garden fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers; variety is stimulating.
Alexandra Stoddard said, ” I put raspberry-colored cotton mats on the floor of my closet and underneath them, as a soft padding, I have mint green ones.  When I open the closet door and flick on the light,  I am surprised by the joy of unexpected color. When the raspberry mats shows signs of dirt I throw them into the washing machine, and am left with a green blanket of color underfoot.”
The more you cultivate your senses more you will appreciate subtle nuances-prisms of light from a crystal candlestick glittering on the ceiling, shadows cast by shutters against her shiny white walls, a rainbow of colors in your bath – the kind that gives you a foot a fluffy white bubbles, making you feel you’re in the clouds. When you use the charming pottery plate you bought in Vietri, Italy you remember and experience again the pleasure of your trip all those summers ago.
Luxurious, beauty-filled rituals give one a marvelous sense of well being.  Add color and flavor to everything you can, to increase your delight and quicken your spirit. Spray cologne on your note paper.  Buy strawberry-scented erasers. Get excited about good smells.  I am strongly tactile I like things to feel nice.  Be conscience of the texture of a cream, the feel of a rug on bare feet, the feel of a sweater against your neck.  Choose things that pass the tactile test.
When you feel that the little things in your life are satisfying and speak especially to you, it’s amazing how outside pressures and disappointments loosen their hold.  Intimate, necessary details add up to one’s private life. Select them with care because they are your life.
More and more I find were turning inward to our houses and apartments as true havens on Earth.  The only place where we can change the world by what we touch and do is where we live.  I sense that there is a reassuring and renewed love of home.
Home is where we return for fulfillment and wholeness.
Thoreau chose to be rich by making his wants few.  Thoreau spoke of scaling down. Many wise people besides Thoreau preach simplicity.  By not overextending ourselves we avoid fragmentation, clutter and nonsense. Life is too short for you to be the caretaker of the wrong details.
Life is fundamentally a matter of paying attention – it is up to us to improve the environment where we live by giving greater attention to the details that create personal rituals.

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