Rituals, with a side of GRACE NOTES ~ 10/11/17

Rituals reinforce the significance of the simple acts we perform repeatedly. When you make your everyday rituals – simple things such as bathing sleeping and eating – meaningful and attractive, they nourish other areas of your life. One of the real goals of having rituals is to make sure there is ample time given to making the small things in our lives count.

enhance (61)

1. Work smarter not harder. When you feel overwhelmed, take a break from whatever is causing you pressure and attend to some necessary tasks that will please you and bring instant gratification. Organize your desk top drawer. Then go back with new energy to the bigger tasks.


2. When you’re feeling out of sorts and blue, pick up a favorite art book and rejuvenate yourself through the beauty of the pictures.

3. Spray cologne in a box of stationery and put the top back on. The wonderful scent will be there for you as soon as you open the lid to write a note. The recipient of your letter will enjoy it as well.

4. Line the inside of your closet door with art postcards. Use double sided tape so you can peek at the back if you need to check an artist’s name or the name of the painting. Get dressed with art.

5. Mark new seasons with childhood reminiscences. In Spring, fly a kite, in Summer, make a sand castle, in fall, rake leaves and go hiking, in Winter, go for a walk in newly fallen snow.

6. Be 5-10 minutes early for your next appointment and wait calmly. While you’ll show respect for someone else’s time and life, you also have time to compose your thoughts.

7. Lift your mood with a new fragrance.

8. Take a few moments to be alone several times each day. Concentrate on your breathing. Meditate. You will emerge refreshed.


9. Daydreaming can help the brain promote essential cross-circuiting of your creativity. Give your brain a nap, it will work smarter.

10. Keep a notebook in which to record your child’s words and sayings.


11. Buy a set of thin water-soluble and long lasting colored pencils. Fill a mug or glass with your favorites, and display them on your writing desk.

markers sharpies-in-basket-730x420

12. Make your own quotation book. Every time you read or think of something you want to remember, enter it into your book. Reviewing your quotes gets you thinking.

13. Being organized saves time, enabling you to accomplish more and feel more satisfied with yourself. Keep a careful datebook, and weed it out each month.


14. Have a special basket for the mail. It looks pretty, calmer and it’s fun to bring into the living/family room, to open at leisure.

15. Walk to appointments if you can. Program enough time to enjoy some sights along the way. Look up at architectural detail, notice window displays, smile at people, admire landscaping, etc.


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