More Rituals…Bathing, Breakfast and Birthday Cards

Taking time to make bathing a ritual, using perfumes, oils, bathing gel, a terry cloth mitt, almond soap, planning on allowing yourself time to soak, read, sip a glass of O.J. or wine, can give your whole evening a fresh beginning.  I tend to have soft music, country, smooth jazz playing.  Fresh cut flowers are nice, and tons of candles all around the tub.

A piece of great wall decor, painting, etc. if it’s on your bedroom wall, can be appreciated by you each day.  Friends may enjoy it on occasions, but it is there mostly for you.  It should be in a place where YOU see it all the time.  I have my favorite pics of my kids in my bedroom.

The same principle should apply to your dinner plates, glasses, a charming set of colorful napkins, placemats to cheer-up breakfast.  These things become details of a breakfast ritual; kept on hand for constant use, they enrich each day.  I will even use paper products in the mornings.  But always colorful.  Napkins from IKEA are usually full of color and cool patterns.

Making other kinds of tasks into rituals help you stay in touch with yourself and your friends.  When you think of a friend and sit down at a place you’ve designed as your writing space with paper, pens and stamps all set-up to dash off a note or card, this ritual can be effortless and pleasurable when you’re all ready for it.  It takes just seconds and gives pleasure to you and the recipient.  Letter and notes are so rare today, and therefore it’s especially appreciated.  Who do you know who wouldn’t like to receive a friendly handwritten note?  Alexandra Stoddard’s late husband Peter, kept in touch with people all over the world by sending clippings from newspapers and magazines.  If you read something in the newspaper that triggers you to think of a friends, clip it and put it on your desk to send on with a note.

I had slipped into a habit for friends and families birthdays.  They would receive a text, or email saying happy birthday.  I have recently decided that I need to get back to sending actually cards.  Actual Hallmark cards.  I send thank you notes as well, thru the mail, usually a Hallmark pack of thank yous.  I can’t remember the last time I received a birthday card in the mail.  Makes me a little sad.  I recently got a part-time job at Hallmark as a merchandiser.  I go store to store placing out new product.  So I get to see Hallmark stuff before it hits the floor.  Fun!!  But this part-time job has motivated me even more to get back into buying and sending cards to people.


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