Bill Paying Rituals ~ 8/13/17

My favorite author, once mentioned a friend of hers, that had made bill paying a ritual.  She puts Brahms on her stereo, places an arrangement of flowers on her desk, she dresses in a fresh blouse and skirt so she is actually ready to mail her bills as soon as she’s finished.  She had turned the necessary task of bill paying into a ritual, thru the details surrounding how she does it.  She’s involving the senses in the process, and also because of the order in which she goes about it.  The music in the background as well as the sight and scent of the flower arrangement create a mood that calms the spirit.

This book, Living a Beautiful Life, was written back in 1986.  Of course the way we pay bills these days has changed, we can still adopt the ritual ideas.  So if you do your bill paying online, sitting at your desk with music, fresh flowers, will still create a calming mood.

desk (4)

As for myself, I have always done this since the 1990’s.  There was a time I was writing checks and putting them in envelopes…then we moved onto online bill paying.  Either way I would always set the mood at my desk before getting out the checkbook, or turning the computer on.  Depending on my mood, I may have a candle burning.  My favorite scent right now is Bubbly Pomegranate from Yankee Candle.  or

During the winter I may make myself a hot chocolate.  Spring or Summer could be fresh cut flowers from the garden, and a fresh lemonade, Crystal Light peach tea,  or grape Koolaid. I have done a glass of wine, warm apple cider in the Fall, or a small bowl of ice cream.  I still do this to this day.


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