Art Journaling Markers – Brush & Chisel

Sharpie Permanent Markers, Brush Tip, Assorted, 12 Pack

I love these brush markers.  I bought these back in April of 2017.  I use them when I have a lot of area to be filled in, like a sky or green grass. Like my “Art feeds Your Soul” pic.



Sharpie Permanent Markers, Chisel Tip, Classic Colors, 8 Count

This chisel marker is also good for filling in a lot of area.  The chisel is nice and wide.


beautiful watercolor roses, bright painting inspired flower print ~ seamless background

Sketches I get ideas from.  Thanks to for the flowers.

Cute, Pink Watercolor Flowers Background Pattern

I doodle, paint, sketch, do calligraphy, it’s fun.  I even took some of my favorite doodles from way back, and taped them to a few pages of my art journal.  This has been a great outlet for me.  It’s probably not for everyone, but I get lost in the moment, with all my markers, or paints.  Therapeutic.  I am able to get out of my mom and wife head, and be Jill for a little while.  I use Papermate and Sharpie markers.

The art book I use is a Multimedia book.  It’s made with thicker pages so paint and most markers will not bleed thru.  I found it at Walmart for about $8.00.  It’s also at Amazon but it was priced about $11-12.00.  All my markers come from Amazon.  I went a little crazy with buying markers.  There are no rules as to what you put in your art journal.


OK just a few more……


I love most Sharpies.  The Hot pink brush pen did’t last long enough.  So far that’s my only complaint.!!!





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