A Pleasurable Way to Live ~ 5/30/17

To live a happy life, we need to make the things we do everyday, as beautiful as possible.  To take the ordinary and make it positive and extraordinary.

In my work as a Realtor and Staging Professional, I have witnessed the 95 percent/5 percent, dilemma.  Which means people have a tendency to save 95 percent of their money for 5 percent of their lives – occasions such as holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, and the special, more public places in the home, such as the living or dining room.  To live a better, more beautiful life, we should make the daily 95 percent more wonderful.

How do you do this?

Rituals!!  Let’s talk about some daily rituals that you may want to create.  Which we will expand into weekly, monthly, yearly or even seasonal rituals.  This is nothing new.  I learned about these rituals back in 1990.  A friend had given me a book for graduation that was written in 1986.  To this day, this book is my ALL-TIME favorite book.  I have passed this book along to other friends and have given this book out as gifts.
The authors name is Alexandra Stoddard.  My hero.
The name of this book is “Living a Beautiful Life,
500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty and Joy to Every Day Life.”

Living a Beautiful Life: 500 Ways to Add Elegance, Order, Beauty and Joy to Every Day of Your Life

The aim of this book is to inspire you, by useful examples, to go ahead and create beauty and ease in the areas of life that mean the most to you day after day, after day.

The author wants to provoke and inspire people to set up your daily life for effectiveness and grace.

Creating daily rituals – making daily tasks into times of enrichment through planning and special personal details – is a way to live a richer, more satisfying life.  It takes a commitment to enjoy each day fully.

Rituals is a term for patterns you create in your everyday living that uplift the way you do ordinary things, so that a simple task rises to the level of something special, ceremonial, ritualistic.

So many of us concentrate our energy on things that are for special occasions
rather than on the things we do, or use, everyday.

One example I remember from my early readings, is people who have those special dishes, like the good china.  Good money is spent on these dishes that may get used once a year if lucky.  I always kept that in mind, so that when I got married, I selected nice dishes but also ones that can be used quite often.  And now that china  comes out about once a month.  Sure Christmas and Thanksgiving, but we’ll bring it out for my parents anniversary, our anniversary, graduations, showers, birthdays, Easter, etc.  So that 95/5 has been flipped in this area for me.  The good china should be used.  If pieces last to the end of my lifetime, my daughter can have what’s left.  Kids these days want their own china selection anyway, so what are we saving this good stuff for, USE IT !!?

Life is not a dress rehearsal.
Living well is a habit, and rituals improve and reinforce good life habits.


Alexandra Stoddard – My hero!!
Author ~ Alexandra Stoddard


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